Thursday, November 20, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

My MoM & i ~ I thought I would put this picture up to show how much we look alike. (48 & 24) Pamela Sue & Melynda Sue. I am glad I have the best mom in the world and that she had me & my brothers and sister. I not only look like her, but am begining to notice I might act like her sometimes too! She is such a wonderful Mom! Her & my Dad will be married 30 years on November 25th and I am so glad they fell in Love and made such an awesome family! Even though my Dad isn't here on earth, I think we should still celebrate That LOVE and their marraige and what their love created! I believe LOVE last forever and so do families!

My Bestest is Home Bound!

This is one of my Bestest Friends (Christiana Nye). She has been living with her boyfriend Seth and his family in Australia for a year now. Today I get to go to the airport with her family and pick them up! I am so excited to see her again. This year has been very very hard to not have my Bestest by my side. We have a lot of catching up to do and will hopefully have fun pictures to blog with!
On another note, Christiana's Mom, Diane...(my mom's best friend) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, once again, and is going to be having surgery soon. I just want everyone to pray for Diane and the whole Nye family! I love them as my own family and hope they all stay strong through this tough time. Keep them in your thoughts & Prayers!