Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our Casa & a Little Decor'

We *EAT AT MOM'S* every chance we get! Louis asked me the other day if we could pick up our house and move it out to MOM'S!? I wish, honey!

This is our lovely kitchen, Brandie made our cute curtains. And most of the appliances and things were gifts from our wedding in August. So much fun opening boxes and putting everything in place. I move things around still, everyday! OCD, I swear.

Here is our fireplace mantel.....we don't turn it on much (to save $, haha) but it is so warm & pretty on the nights we splurge! lol I love the sign in the middle that a family friend gave us for a wedding gift, BASL with Always & Forever! This mantel is decorated wintery, I can't wait to go to garage sales, estate sales and goodwill to change it up!

This is the "Girlie" bathroom up stairs! I love black & pink together! Especially the Zebra shower curtain!