Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Let the Dogs Out!?

I know I know, I haven't blogged in a LOoooNG time. But now I finally have something to blog about....... a Little Baby! That's right, Louis & I are on our way to becoming parents. I am almost 12 weeks along on this Big journey called pregnancy. It is a crazy, fun, nauseating, emotional & good time so far! I haven't been too sick, but have had some crazy FOOD dreams
.... not just one, more like 4!! I've dreamed about going to the Casino Buffet & Izzy's Buffet & Wedding Receptions (...about the food of course! No ones wedding in general.... I probably dreampt that I was a wedding food crasher!) Oh And Extapa.
I am glad they were just dreams because I would probably weight 300 lbs by now. But enough about my dreams, I haven't had any food ones for awhile, but all this blogging about it has made me slightly hungry. I am going to go grab a few pickles to munch on and then head to bed. Also, before I head that way.....I wanted to share with you a little Joy I have in my life that I haven't shared yet before.... Meet CoCo. Our little {Puppy} aka CoCoMo, CokeyMoekey, CoCo Chanel & what Louis always calls her........Poop!

What a weird husband! lol Gotta love it!! Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone.