Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In-house Stylist/Daughter

Ok, my eyes are closed but I love this picture! I was not only my dad's hair lady, but I also did his nails. His nails needed lots of work! But I didn't mind at all. I liked making them look good and making him feel like he was one cool business man! You could tell by his hands a lot of things! Kind of like they told a story. Like the roughness showed how hard he worked all his life, the toughness was his love for sports, and then the gentle part showed his kind heartedness and love. I miss doing his hair and nails! I miss that he didn't mind wearing the little kids robot cape or that I made him put clear strengthening polish and lotion daily! He is the best part of everyone of OUR days....even when he isn't here! My mom and I think that now he has lots of hair and perfect nails!