Sunday, February 1, 2009

April Fools in Feb!

This is Louis & I's bathroom... He doesn't understand why I get ready in here when there is a super girlie bathroom right down the hall? I think it's because I only want to clean one for right now. So last night when we got home I was in here getting my PJ's on for bed and My fake Ugg boots came right off and they were still connected to my jeans....I chuckled a little because I knew of a April Fools that we did (back in middle school) where you put the boots and jeans at a stall and it looks like there is a man in the ladies room. As a 4th grader, this was pretty clever. But I didn't think it up, my Mom & Dad had told my sister & I about it. Anyways, Mrs. Welter (never could forget her) or the look on her face, when we went and told her there was a man in our bathroom! haha

So I decided to "April Fools" Louis in Feb! I did well when I set them in there, not laughing and giving it away. But Louis never decided to go into the bathroom after me because he was already ready for bed. Darn! So I had to sleep there and wait for the morning.
Little did I remember when I got up this morning... I was the first to head to the bathroom (still dark outside) and when I turned on the lights to go in, I JUMPED & Screamed and RAN to hop in the bed LAUGHING....Because I just scared the crap out of myself!