Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wedding has come & gone.....

This is my brother Taylor (16),my Mom Pam and brother Casey (22). They Looked handsome & my Mom looked so pretty! Her dress, hair and shoes looked so Perfect...Like she was meant for it! The Wedding was magnificent and couldn't have been any better!!

This one is Louis's older brother Richard, some call him Dick. He sang during the candle ceremony. The song was "This Ring"- by Tony Carter. He did so well. Walking with him is my sister, Stacy. The Matron of Honor! She is a hot mama! Her twins (my nephews) Connor & Caleb turned 4, on the 25th of August. But they didn't have to get a Birthday cake - They just ate all of Louis & I's cake while we were on our 3 day honeymoon in Seattle. That wasn't very nice, only because IT WAS SOOO GOOD! : ) Roth's bakery in Silverton Rocks. They made a raspberry champagne cake with strawberry filling (Real chunks of strawberries) Yum Yum Yum! Dick and Stacy were Homecoming King
and Queen together Highschool ~ 2000.

The cake Looked sort of like this but 2 teirs an 8" and a 6" on top. And the bottom frosting was huge dots instead of small ones. Looked Like a chunky pearl necklace.