Sunday, March 16, 2008

Riley & My Dad

This picture is in Tiajuana...I believe they got stuck there for a while going through customs. I wonder what they did to pass time? By the looks of both their smiles, they were up to no good. They have such awesome SMILES. It amazes me! Soon I will post a pic of My dad and me in Mexico too, we both have huge sunglasses and I like to say...We have matching smiles in the pic. We had soooo much fun together. Always! He is so goofy and believed we were all so Blessed. I do believe that! I was blessed to have such a GREAT Dad that loved us so much & would do anything for me! One day my Mom and Dad were in the living room hangin out and I was joking around that Taylor (my lil brother) bugs my dad about buy him a jeep and he not only gets one old jeep, but 3! I just remember Taylor saying, "Dad, Dad, Daaad, Dad....look at this jeep we should go buy it. Then he did. As we were discussing this and laughing about Taylor having this control, LOL my Mom says, "Hmm...Mindy, maybe all you gotta do is Bug Dad?!" I thought well it was worth a shot.... I said, "Ok, listening? I thinkin I would look good driving a Black Jetta. I think that would be super cool!" He didn't say one thing and continued to watch t.v. So we went on doing whatever we were doing and just left it at that. Well, about 5-6 days later I had a Chemeketa softball game @ Wallace Marine park. It is a Huge softball complex out in West Salem. You have to drive all the way around the park to get to the parking lot. I remember warming up with all the outfielders, when I heard a horn honking like crazy going right by our field. I look up and take a double take. There was my dad with the window rolled down waving @ me....IN A DARK SNAZZY JETTA!
That is just one of millions of stories I could tell of how MY dad always listens to you, How he LOVES his KIDS and Family and how genuinely Awesome and totally RAD he is and always will BE!

Hope > Something You can ALWAYS hold onto!