Thursday, June 19, 2008

La Paz Mexico with My Dad

I might have a little bit more hair and little rounder face, but I like to say I look a little like My Dad! This is a funny picture. He would be mad at me for showing a picture without his hat on, but it is definately one of my favorite ones. So I had to. :) I work now @ the Salon that we grew up going to and the ladies there used to cut my dad's hair before I went to beauty school. The other day one of the ladies said my brother was a hottie. And then she asked, is that weird for me to say that or do you get that alot? I just laughed and said, well I know my "Dad" was pretty good looking because I did get people telling me that all the time, so if Casey looks like him then I guess its normal. They all stopped and had to tell me a story. One time my Dad wanted in to get his hair cut, (he usually went to Vicki) but she was busy. So they asked Linda, who was free for a hair cut at that time. But she said no, she was too nervous because she thought he was too cute. Then it became a big joke, my Dad would come to his usual haircut with Vicki and say where is Linda? :) And she'd be hiding in the back.

He is too cute, but the thing is his personality was too! The best example of how to enjoy life, by loving life itself. Loving Yourself, by taking care of your body. Loving your family by keeping them close. Making the most of anything and being the best @ it, whatever it may be.