Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Blues!

This is my Little (15 year old)/BIG brother....Taylor Jay. Thought I would add him to my blog and show off his Cute lil Smile. (I say cute alot, just if you haven't noticed.) Taylor has a Big Heart and Fun personality! I like to give him facials and wax his eyebrows when he lets me. And that isn't very often anymore. Tear. haha But it makes his big blue eyes pop out way more, and I think because of my help doing that, he was able to get a really Wonderful GIRLFRIEND! Your welcome Big T!

Fancy Stuff ~

I love this picture! The reason why I am posting it is that the green and pink represent the beautiful colors I have choosen for my wedding { plus chocolate brown } And the dresses/skirts are simple but adorable; looks like they are made out of tool....and the tops look like tank tops! Cute CUTE cuuuuute!