Friday, January 16, 2009

a love of mine.....

Salon's. Everywhere I go, they always happen to catch my eye. If I happen to drive by & spot a cute Salon....I must take a picture or get an idea for our Salon in Stayton.... ACT I Hair Design.

This Salon is located in the little town of Nob Noster, Missouri. And the can see is called, Curl Up -N- Dye. Cute cute! So I had to pretend to be Vanna White and display this tickle my fancy Salon and snap a quick pic!

ACT I, just got a mini make over with a new Logo. Curtesy of Monica Pynch

She did a wonderful job! We have this logo on our brochures, my business cards and @ the front door & back door.

I will add new pictures soon but here is a sneek peek....

We have a new sign hanging in the front room that my friend Denise Bunn (Take Our Words For It/ Vinyl signs co.) made as a Gift for the Salon It say's, Be Yourself...Everyone Else is taken. Everyone just adores it when they come visit. And I love that they do. I think I take in something new and remove something old, and move something here and organize something everyday. But I guess that's the fun part of it all.
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