Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 weeks Away!

Louis & I went to the Court House yesterday and recieved our marriage license. We had fun. The lady that helped us was really nice. She had crossed out the price and wrote down to order 3 instead of one. She looked up @ Louis and said, "I saw you were in the service, thank you for protecting our country." I thought that was nice of her. Then she had to help Louis with a question; He said what race do I put down? ...Because I'm kind of a mutt, he says with a smile! She said laughing, "well, that you certainly are not....But if you were that would be one darn good looking mutt." "I'm serious!" she said, looking @ me.... "It was one really good combination don't ya think?" She made Louis's day and both of us blush. I thought it was pretty cute. Louis IS VerY Good Looking & I am Looking forward to being his wife!
Then when we got home, My mom had made dinner. The 3 of us were sitting in the living room. I said, "oh yeah, were supposed to celebrate because we got the Marriage License today!" So we all raised our garlic bread and toasted, "CHEERS!"