Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kenzerz ---> Kenzi

This is the little Princess ~ Kenzi Elizabeth
She is a busy girl; crawling everywhere and doing everything with her brothers. . . wrestling, steam rolling, farting...U name it.


Only looks innocent. hehe.


Here's My Caleb Boy

Caleb's hair is soft and straight. When he gets it cut he looks way older. I don't want my nephews to grow up. Caleb always loves getting his hair cut. Very unusual for little kids. When the twins were 2 they would get the clippers out & say, "Haircut Min-dy, Haircut?!" =)


Whatta ya think, Dad?

Connor @ the Barber/Beauty Shop

My nephews have totally opposite types of hair. Conner's cracks me up. It is very spikey, like the little kid on Jerry McGuire =) in the summer it changes upto 3 different colors. People ask if we color it., he's 3, people. LoL I love my little Pumpkin head - fuzz top buddy! He's so darn CUTE!