Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our Photo Shoot Last Year

Here are some of our "engagement pictures". My friend Christiana took them with her Dad's camera. She captured some good ones. We had met my Dad in Salem @ the hanger to take pictures. We got the idea from a magazine. It was a guy dressed in his uniform with his girl & they were on a huge fighter jet. Well, we didn't have access to that kind of thing but My Dad had one and I thought because he was SO Proud to have a plane and Loved to fly it so much, that he would be proud to have our pictures taking with it for our invitations. Well, he washed it and got it ready and it was the shinniest, most perfect plane. He even had a red carpet for it, that he layed out for us to sit on. Our pictures didn't take too long. Maybe 10 minutes, but the real fun part was that it turned into a photo shoot with my Dad and his plane. I just know that whatever my Dad did, I was so proud of HIM and I am so proud to be his daughter. He amazes me and I just want him to know I will always Love him.