Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mr.Personality & Me

This is my Hubby. This first pic is taken in Missouri, where he lived for a year before we got married. You can see he is bored and had to take a picture to let me know and to tell me "Whas up!" He was in the Air Force for 4 years and signed up for another 4 right before we got together. Big Oops! But what could you do?

He then transfered to the National Guard (reserves) so he could come home and get married. So now he has two jobs. The Stayton Phone Company as an INR tech. and has done really well climbing the ladder there. He recently got a big raise, which he deserves for all his hard work. What a great time for a raise! Or should I say Praise! Umm...both.

We are on our way to buying our Beautiful Home, so everything helps. But that's not all he does...He just got transfered from Klamath Falls Airforce Base to the Portland Air National Guard. So, one weekend out of the month he will be working up @ the Portland Airport. Whatta Stud. I am so proud of him. Soon he will becoming a Staff Surgent, which he should of been a long time ago, but he chose to come home early and be with me, so that stalled the process. Sorry honey. But Thank You! I really do enjoy not going to Missouri 3 times a year and having you here everyday! Don't let the facial expressions fool you above. He really does love hanging out with me, I swear! ;) wink wink.