Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wooden Nickel always brings out the Best

Here is a lovely picture of My Mom's best friend Diane & two of her oldest daughters Sara and Christiana. And yes, that is me being a dork, as usual. But for this blog, lets pretend I am being serious and just look at these pretty ladies. When I look at this picture I see Love, family, Life, and Hope! Diane (also known as Mama Fay) She means alot to me! She is a warrior, trooper, and friend. She is one of the most non selfish people I have ever met and would absolutely do anything for anyone. She stands for what she believes in and she LOVES her family & friends. I know all of her favorite things because she is alot like my Mom, but her most favorite thing I know now because I heard her say the other night is when her whole family is home and they get to eat dinner and play games, share stories & laugh together. And that is what I have seen the last few times I have gone over to their house. Hugs, Smiles, Laughter, and nothing but Love. A place where it makes you feel good when you leave.

My family is Super close and I am thankful for that! I don't want to think about how life would be if we weren't that way we are. It makes me happy when after a days work or any day, I can stop and think about my family and be really Happy I have each one in my Life and my Heart.

The LOVE of a Family is Life's Greatest Blessings!