Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You Like it, PUT a RING on iT!

Last night I went out to dinner with two of my BEST friends. We ate at The Outback Steak House. (kinda ironic, since one of them is flying back to Austrailia with her guy on Monday...) We had some drinks, a lovely dinner and a whole lot of catching up! And me, being the married lady, listened to each of them talk about their love lives. (Which each of them have boyfriends that were seriously made for them! Couldn't ask for a better match! And after a few hours of girl talk, I think I know their "guys" a whole lot more than I should. ~ LOL. But what I thought was silly is that when they started talking about weddings....I had both of their weddings picked out for them. So I proceeded to tell them their wedding colors I have chosen, the dresses and hair I picture them in, and so on! But what I had to ask is, What are they waiting for? They need to get this whole wedding thing rolling.....cuz I'm getting too excited! So here is a few video's... (turn up the volume) dedicated to the fella's........ IF YOU LIKE IT, PUT A RING ON IT! LOL