Thursday, January 1, 2009

Honey Moon in Seattle

This was the view from the Space Needle but similar to the view from our room @ Crown Plaza Hotel. We thought we were Rockstars being on the 23rd floor and ordering room service.

The second night in Seatlle we attended a Mariner's game! A gift from Louis's father. It was a package deal with hats, bags, free food and drinks and we were also on the Big Score Board during the 7th inning stretch! So fun!

Calling All Angels for 2009

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The year of 2009 is here and I believe it can only get better. But I do wish I could call God and have him send all his Angels just so we know that it will be ok and we can get through another year. I might not have God's cell phone number, but praying does help and I know he does listen.

It's funny how sometimes people believe things, even if it is to make them feel better. But what if silly things we try to believe are really true? For instance, I, myself, believe in "signs". Signs sent from God that make me feel better about a certain moment or thought that I might have. Right now I have been seeing signs about my Dad.

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When I hear me, that is a sign that my Dad is saying hi. He is saying hey, I'm always going to be there for you. I am still your silly Dad and I love you! So when I step outside some days I will hear that sound and for a split second I think of him and smile. And my day goes a little better just because what I believe.
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Another sign I believe is.....when I will be thinking about something and.......I will look up, and a bird will fly off into the sky. And for that second I breath a little stronger. I don't know why, but to me, that bird is a sign of HOPE. Not every bird I see does this, because I know there is a gazillion, But in the moment of a sad thought it sometimes happens that a bird flies gracefully off into the distance and it releases tension or something that makes me feel a tiny bit better.

I could go on for hours about certain things like signs, but I probably would go crazy. So for now , those are my signs. They are tiny things that make a huge impact on my day.

Happy New Years to you All & God Bless!