Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Tree's

"Oh Christmas Tree ~ Oh Christmas Tree... How you remind me of My Father!"

I Love Christmas! Being with family, cold weather and hot chocolate, going to Great Grandma Melsness's for Christmas Eve and playing the white elephant game to see who gets the funniest present! I love having Grandma's lefsa and Rena's Hooch! (weird names, huh? sounds kinda gross) Oh but it is delicious! I love seeing all the kids get so excited!

But this year will deffinately be different. Being married I have to share family time and Louis only gets Christmas off and has to work that Friday so it would be hard to travel to Southern Oregon to see the Lamb's ~ Wessel's ~Melsness's and soo on. But most of all I will miss my Dad!

And I don't even know how this Christmas will be? I can't decide if I even want to put a tree up in our brand new house for our first Christmas being married together because I am so sad or if I want one in every room and to go all out!? Because Tree's will always make me feel like my Dad is there! I know he will be here with us!