Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding in 15 weeks!!!


The Wedding Date is August 23rd 2008 - Plans are going well. My mom has quite a few really fun & extremely talented friends in the decor' buisness! They all have similar taste and I LOVE all their idea's!! Our wedding site is going to be @ an old Grange Hall (Union Hill) right by our house. So it has a country feel to it, but we're gonna decorate like nobodies business. :) To make it our own look & Oh So Cute! I can't wait! I have "My Dress" and the Bridesmaids dresses and shoes! But my Mom and I need a trip together to find her dress. And SHOEs & accessories for BOTH of US! That'll be a fun trip. I can already tell! Those are my favorite things. Well, And Purses! But who needs a purse on your wedding day!?

If you have any idea's or thoughts for the wedding, send them our way!