Sunday, June 1, 2008

This was drawn by an artist, Stephan (my dad's plumber for all the houses that they built & friend) brought it out to us. It is drawn by all dots and is so detailed. I think it is really neat. It hangs by my Dad's desk. Thanks Stephan and Family!

This is actually framed and hanging by my Dad's desk as well. Brandie, (Taylor's Girlfriend) makes these and she is very talented at doing them. I LOVE this one so much because I truely believe it. It makes you feel good when you read it. Thanks Brandie!

This picture is awesome! I can't stop starring at his smile. He's so HAPPY. And such a fun, goofy
dad. We (Dad, Mom, Taylor, Me & Bowdie our Dog) were out at a peice of property that has tree's on it that my Dad works with. But in this picture we were backed up to a BIG POND and we were all in the back of the pick up throwing a softball out into the pond so Bowdie would jump out and swim to get it. It was alot of fun! Just doing silly things.
But the picture here looks like the light is shinning down on me and my Dad. And he is siting behind me and it makes me feel like he is shinning down on me from Heaven and he is always behind me to guide me through life.